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Currently we do not have a plan to run a "live" class anywhere in the world. Beginning in mid to late summer we will start announcing dates and times for this class to be held in a virtual format.
The two-day Trainer Skills Course for Microsoft Dynamics targets Dynamics Product Experts who are applying for the Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) certification. This course applies learning concepts from the CompTIA C++ ( curriculum and maps it to Microsoft Dynamics trainer content. The trainer skills content from the CompTIA C++ course is integrated with Microsoft information to give an MCT candidate the necessary skills to train Microsoft Dynamics. Students are asked to deliver a presentation to the group on the second day. This hands-on approach will allow students to practice and apply immediately what they have learned from this course.

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After completing this course, students should be able to:
  Depict the benefits of using the CompTIA training manual
  Illustrate the Microsoft Training model
  Explain the program requirements for MCT’s & CPLS
  Effectively use the training materials provided by Microsoft
  Successfully deploy a Virtual PC image
  Recognize characteristics of adult learners
  Identify delivery methods used in training
  Utilize questioning techniques used in training
  Resolve problem situations in the classroom
  Facilitate a Microsoft Dynamics training course
  Complete a 10 minute presentation on a Microsoft Dynamics topic

Dynamics Product specialists who are working towards their Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) status with an intent to train Microsoft Dynamics.

You must actively participate in the whole 2-day class in order for this to meet the MCT requirement.

All attendees will now be required to make a $100 deposit that will be refunded 100% after completion of course.

Due to the interactive nature of the class Microsoft reserves the right to cancel a class within 14 days prior to the start of the class.

Due to limited capacity and scheduling priorities, if you cancel your registration less than fourteen (14) days prior to the start of this course, we cannot guarantee you will be accepted into the next class.

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2. Select the Edit/Cancel Registration option.
3. If you require any assistance, please email:

1. Must not be a current MCT.
2. Must not be Microsoft employee.
3. Intending to deliver Microsoft Dynamics Training for a Certified Partner for Learning Solutions as a staff or freelance instructor.
4. Passed two exams in one of the Microsoft Dynamics MCT competencies:


This course is presented in two days covering the following topics:

Chapter 1: Overview
This chapter provides a general overview of the course
   Main Topics
  • Description of the Microsoft & CompTIA manuals
  • What is CompTIA & why we have adopted their framework
  • Where to go for further information on the C++ Certification
  • Explanation of the Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) requirements
  • Microsoft Business Solutions Masters Program
  • Discuss Presentations required for Day 2
  • Background of Dynamics products
  • History of company formation - Great Plains, Solomon, Navision, Damgaard
  • Product Marketing overview – Future Direction
  • The Microsoft Training model

Chapter 2: Planning & Preparation
This chapter explains what an instructor needs to do to prepare him/herself instructionally & prepare the class for a training session and what to do in the event of a problem.
   Main Topics
  • Preparing yourself instructionally
  • Ensuring Safety & Comfort of the Attendees
  • Beginning the training event
  • Handling Audio Visual/Hardware problems
  • Expectations of the Microsoft trainer
  • Expectations of the training center

Chapter 3: Exploring Delivery Methods & Media
This chapter deals with adult learning theory & covers the different stimuli used in a training environment to help students get the most of the session.
   Main Topics
  • Characteristics of adult learners
  • Delivery Methods – discussion, brainstorming, labs, demonstrations
  • Delivering content & testing comprehension
  • Explanation of Microsoft Dynamics Materials & how to use them in the learning environment ie: Instructor Notes
  • Discuss games & activities

Chapter 4: Credibility & Communications
This chapter discusses professional conduct when training. Presentation and communication skills are discussed during this chapter.
   Main Topics
  • Acceptable behavior for a learning environment
  • Content Expertise & Professional Conduct
  • Vocabulary, Grammar, Syntax
  • Non-verbal communication skills
  • Communicating the course plan

Chapter 5: Group Facilitation & Evaluations
This chapter discusses effective openings, questioning techniques & evaluating a training session.
   Main Topics
  • Opening the training session
  • Maintaining the environment
  • Using questions: types of questions, questioning techniques
  • Addressing the learner needs
  • Motivating & Reinforcing learners
  • Microsoft materials: Test Your Knowledge, Case Studies, Labs
  • Evaluating Learner Performance
  • Evaluating Microsoft Courses: Metrics that Matter

Chapter 6: Presentation Workshop
This section gives individuals practical experience by presenting a topic of their choice. The students are then critiqued by the instructor and their peers.
   Main Topics
  • Each individual presents for 8 - 10 minutes discussing a topic of their choice, focusing on their domain proficiency
  • Class members complete an evaluation of each individual's presentation
  • Feedback is provided verbally from the instructor & the other students on the course

Chapter 7: Virtual PC
This chapter discusses the Virtual PC technology which is used to run the software image of the product they are teaching.
   Main Topics
  • How to use & deploy the Virtual PC
  • VPC Guidelines
  • Troubleshooting
  • Install a Virtual PC image

Chapter 8: Microsoft Resources
This chapter explains what resources are available to Microsoft Trainers. Included are topics covering content development, how Microsoft courseware is developed and how certification exams are designed. It gives the MCT candidate an insight into how the courseware, slides, exams & eLearning sessions are prepared. Attendees also receive information on all the Microsoft tools available to help them succeed as instructors.
   Main Topics
  • Microsoft Content Development Process
  • Objective Domains & Scope, Subject Matter Experts, Review Committees & Languages
  • Certification Exams, Preparation Guides, Learning Guides, Practice Questions
  • MBS Resources: Partnersource, Techknowledge, eLearning
  • MCT Resources: Download Centre, Newsgroups, Courseware Support Aliases
  • MCT benefits

Appendix A: Games, Energizers & Handling Difficult Situations in the Classroom
This appendix describes how to handle common problems that can arise in a classroom as well as strategies for using games in the training room
   Main Topics
  • Handling problem situations in the classroom
  • Using games in training, when they are (and may not be) effective
  • Characteristics of games
  • Description of games that have worked: Jeopardy, Ask a Question, Snakes & Ladders

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